Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving today!

I know, for most people (Jeff's family), today is Black Friday shopping day, but for the Kienows it is THANKSGIVING today! Amy wasn't able to come home until about noon yesterday, so we saved our turkey dinner for today. It smells delicious, and we just took the first pumpkin pie out of the oven (it's about 9:45am). It's just the 5 of us today, but I guess tomorrow some of the Sioux Falls family is coming, as well as crazy Grandma from Groton and the Aberdeen crew.

It's great to be back home! Us girls have been blabbering to each other pretty much nonstop (except for the 2 hour naps yesterday afternoon). Jeff and Dad went pheasant hunting with about 12 other guys yesterday (and 3 dogs). The Toy Shed had many birds in it, so it looked successful to me!

We hung out with the Mungers in the Toy Shed until well after 10pm last night. Lord + Diet Coke made us miss supper, so we brought OUR leftovers from yesterday (lasagna) and heated up a frozen pizza about 9pm. Definitely not your traditional day, but I was thankful for it all!