Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm so nervous to fly.

We are traveling with the baby.  Not camping.  Not a road trip. TRAVELING.  IN A PLANE.

So for all of you non-chubby bunnies out there, let me tell you - nothing is more nerve inducing than being a large-bodied, standby (unconfirmed) flyer.

First, let me be clear.  Flying standby is an amazing PRIVILEGE of being an airline employee.  I realize most people would cut off their arm to be able to have access to the opportunities we have had.  I am so thankful to work for such a great company with perks like this.

That being said, I am SOOOOO super nervous about being my post-baby size and flying with the baby in my lap.

Number 1 - you don't know if you will get a seat on the plane.  So you show up hoping the flight isn't full.

Number 2 - you almost always will get a middle seat (if you get a seat at all) because those are the last seats assigned to revenue passengers.

Number 3 - there are no requests to the gate agent for an "open" seat next to you (because the plane is usually full and because again, it's a privilege).

Number 4 - a lot of times a non-revver will get an exit row seat assigned if there are not enough upgrades. BUT if you have to use a seatbelt extender you can't sit in the exit row.  And because our seats are assigned 0.5 seconds before the door is closed there is a big flurry of activity to move people and inconspicuousness there.

Number 5 - our flight is on a regional jet which has super small seats and aisles to begin with.  I'm afraid my post-baby tush alone will encroach on my neighbor.  Who is most definitely not going to be my husband because as previously mentioned, we take what we get and seats are not usually together.

Number 6 - While my post-baby tush "might" encroach, FOR SURE my squirmy 4-month old (!) and giant chest will certainly have elbows in my neighbors air space and armrest.

Number 7 - I am a nursing mommy.  But I will not even think about trying it in flight, even if it might be better for baby's ears, hunger, disposition, etc...we are bringing a billion BM bottles.  Which will be cold.  And E doesn't drink cold milk.  So I will have to figure out how to jam it between between my legs, or under my arm, or in a scalding hot paper cup of water from the FA (yeah, not doing that one).  And then feeding it to him while again, not encroaching as much as possible.

Number 8 - this particular flight has been late leaving ATL super consistently for whatever reason (probably all the storms at our destination).  So a 3-hour flight could easily turn into a 6-hour flight with a diversion (as my parents experienced 2 weekends ago on the same route).

Number 9 - Where the heck do you change a baby on a plane?

Number 10 - As a standby passenger, our bags are not guaranteed to get to our we have ALWAYS only traveled with carry-ons.  Yeah.  This time we have 2 giant checked bags packed.  I hope they show up.

GAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But I'm sure all will work out fine.  It will be worth it to get to see our families and friends when we arrive.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ethan's First Camping Trip!

We took 2 camping trips while I was out on maternity leave.  The first trip was to FDR State Park in Pine Mountain, GA - about 40 minutes from home.  

We have day tripped and overnight camped there many times and new it would be an ideal location to try and get our feet wet with baby.

We went April 30-May 3, when Ethan was 7-1/2 weeks old!  And he did so great.  He LOVES to be wrapped up with Mommy, and camping was the perfect time to never set him down.  

There is not a good way to put a baby that age down - we tried the Rock N Play but he wasn't super interested.  It was also a bit chilly, so getting wrapped in the Moby kept him warm too.  He never cried the whole time we were there - because what baby doesn't like getting held and carried around by Mommy all the time?!

We debuted our family camp sign addition - thanks Aunt Lois for the "& Ethan" to add to our post!!!!!!!

We mostly hung out at the campsite, but every morning around naptime, we could take a walk or do something else.  One morning, we put Ethan in the Baby Bjorn and went hiking on a super easy trail with our poles - to find the state Geocache!  Daddy did the off-roading once we got close though.  Mommy didn't feel totally comfortable climbing over rocks and roots.

We nursed exclusively while camping - it was super easy to pop into the camper, sit down at the dinette with the Boppy, and nurse for 20 minutes.  Sleeping went well too.  We set up our bassinet pad on the dining bench.  With Ethan swaddled up, he slept really well and did his customary once a night feeding.  It was really not that different than being home!

Daddy was super happy with how everything went.  Ethan wore his favorite camping outfit from Aunt Jen "Daddy's Happy Camper" with a monkey!

We had a great time!!!!!!!!!!!  And can't wait to continue this tradition.  Although - we may need a bigger camper LOL!...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Easter

I can't believe I'm so LATE posting these photos.  But, for the sake of archiving I'm doing it anyway.

We had a great Easter. Ethan woke up Easter morning like any other, and we got him ready to go to church.  He handled the service like a champ!  He LOVES having Mommy wear him in the carrier and was content to look around and eventually fall asleep being worn.

Little guy also really likes music and you could tell he was listening when the horns would play along with the hymns. At the end of the service, the band did a rousing and wonderful rendition of John Philip Sousa's march. Buuuut Ethan had fallen asleep and the timpani and cymbals were a bit too much for him - he woke up and immediately was hungry. So we fed him a bottle in the narthex.

 By that time, I decided it was too late to start Easter dinner (we had planned ham & scalloped potatoes with peas and deviled eggs), so we did what all good Christians do when they don't want to cook on a religious holiday - we went out for Chinese food.

Ethan also got his first Easter basket - it had a Peter Rabbit book, a chick sippy cup, a rubber duckie, a bag of jelly beans (ok those were for mommy) and a Reese's PBC bunny (ok that was for daddy). All in all a great holiday!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We made it

Well, we are on Day 3!

Mommy went back to work on Monday - to a new job and boss and team (all of that changed while out on maternity leave!).

Daddy went back to work too, to a completely new career - stay at home dad.

After 12 weeks of togetherness family time, we were just starting to find our

HOLY SCHMOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Hartmans are tired, cranky, and happy all at the same time.

But mostly happy (we think)...when this face is looking at you, watching his hands :)

Mommy's back to work schedule for the first week only looks like this:




Now, this schedule does not take into account actually "WORKING" at least 8 hours, or any time to workout daily...we decided to give ourselves a break this first week and get back into it. Plus, I was just not sure how often or how long I would have to pump at work. Ideally I would only have to do it twice, and maybe over 15-20 minutes. 

So far...I am pumping 3x per day - and going to/from the mother's room, plus getting everything ready, plus actual pumping time, plus storing all the milk, plus a potty break is taking 20-30 minutes per session this week. Hopefully I get faster at it!!! I'm sure I will. Practice makes perfect (and I will be getting a lot of practice). 

I am bringing home 12-13 ounces from the 3 work pumping sessions. And, it looks like I am doing about 4 extra ounces per day by adding the 2 pumping sessions at home (morning and night). 

And I know, the best laid plans etc etc but wr had to start somewhere.  Over the next couple weeks we are going to have to refine this schedule though because of course

Ethan didn't know I had set up a schedule. As luck would have it he is staying up at night until 10 or 10:30PM!!!!!!!!! Which pushes my whole shebang back a lot...yikes-o. Daddy is going to take over putting Ethan putting to bed duty if it goes past 9:00PM. Or something. 

Well, we will figure it out, right??