Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dinner and more GH

Tonight's docket: Quesedillas and Guitar Hero.

Yes, we actually use our obscure (Christmas present) kitchen appliances. Except for the stand mixer which sits lonely on its shelf in the office. Anyone need one?

So the list of obscure kitchen appliances which get used is as follows:
Mini-cuisinart (for salsa and tomato canning)
Quesedilla maker (as previously mentioned)
Electric roaster (Thanksgiving last year and upcoming marine club meeting)
Mini-crock pot (for crafts club)
Tall crock pot (for chili and soups)
Oval crock pot (for chickens and roasts)
Griddle (for pancakes)
Coffee Pot (for company)

Our one true failure is with the deep fryer (we did use the stand mixer but cannot any longer due to the huge cookie batches we make). We received the fryer as wedding gift 4 years ago. We opened it for the first time about 2 years ago to fry up some walleye (yum). And we were justly disappointed when we discovered there was no electrical cord in the box. Maybe I should sell it on craigslist.

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