Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No One Mourns the Wicked

WOW. What an amazing show!!!!! It got done around 10:30pm and Jeff and I couldn't stop talking about it until well after midnight...

A few not-important-to-the-show-but-still-interesting points: 1) our seats were in the uppermost balcony, on an end row. Which is normally a good thing, except the 'partially obstructed' really meant 'feet dangling due to stair configuration' on Jeff's seat. 2) Next time we will sit closer. So as to be able to see any semblance of facial features. 3) Parking was not as bad as expected - $10 for a block away.

Anyway, I don't know where to begin my rave review. The story - fresh and new, it perfectly, surprisingly, intertwined with the Wizard of Oz. We both thought there was such a struggle between Elphaba and Glinda that one would betray the other at some point...but they never did, and that was really special. (sidenote: One of my favorite parts was when the wizard points out there are 2 sides to history, but marketing only keeps one - treason or liberator? peace or oppression?). The music - super catchy (a little predictable at times). And oh my goodness, could those girlies SING. The set - was beautiful, complex, and very dimensional. Also, everything moved on its own! Nothing was moved by actors, which Jeff and I both discovered really distracts us normally. The costumes - next year I am dressing up as Glinda. Sparkly to the max. And seriously, I think we counted 8 (?) costume changes for her. The drama - seeing the inadvertant, but relatively swift, transition from a student to the Wicked Witch was amazing...with the cape, the broom, the fear, etc.

We both discovered we really do love theater, especially musical theater. And so we would be glad to go to any of these coming up this season:
Grease: Dec 30 - Jan 4
Frost/Nixon: Jan 6 -11
Spring Awakening: Jan 27 - Feb 1
Annie: Feb 12 - 14
Fiddler on the Roof: Feb 24 - March 1 **
Movin’ Out: March 6 - 8
Rent: March 25 - 29 **
The Phantom of the Opera: May 13 - June 7 **
A Bronx Tale: June 2 - 7
A Chorus Line: June 16 - 21 **

Anyone else? We have extra rooms!!!!

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Heidi Rae said...

I vote yea on the not-so-seconded motion of going to ANY show. I also was fortunate enough to be able to go to Wicked and if I must say so was WICKED! Loved it. For sure, seriously any show and bonus (with enough time...she is a new mommy) I have a cousin who lives close who would be very interested in going to anything. Just a Heidi-service-announcement....