Friday, November 14, 2008

Movie prices


I am looking online to see if I can surprise Jeff tonight with a date night going to the new James Bond movie.

$9.50. For one person. Plus popcorn.

So, ok, let's go home earlier and maybe catch a 4:30pm matinee. $7.50. For one person. Plus popcorn.

Why, oh why, can you not go to the movies for less than $20 (including popcorn) (have you noticed that popcorn is a critical piece of the movie experience for me)????. The Great Depression was the golden age of film, and there has been talk of a renaissance of sorts during the current economic situation. At this price, movies are NOT cheap entertainment. I think I will just play Xbox tonight. I already own it. And maybe just pick up some popcorn from the theater.

Update: SUPER BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $5.75 for the last matinee show (5pm) at the Carmike in Apple Valley. We may have found a winnnnnnnerrrrrr! (imagine Oprah-voice introduction.)

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