Tuesday, November 25, 2008

THEE Amish Electric Fireplace

The person that thought this up should win both Advertiser and Entrepreneur of the Year. It is Brilliant.

Introducing....Authentic Amish Roll-N-Glow Electric Fireplaces!!!
Please note, all the images came from the OFFICIAL website: http://www.heatsurge.com/index.cfm

Here are the Amish women, making the ELECTRIC fireplaces. They must be done canning by kerosene lamp for the year.

And here is the company making the deal...I wonder what the Amish use the money for.

Look, Grandma bought one and loves it! It will not engulf the highly flammable doilies!!!

And finally, it will turn your baby into Superbaby, who can touch fire and not get burned.

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