Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wings Over North Georgia Air Show

Boy, am I late getting updates out...sheesh...I better get more on the ball here.  You know, it is almost Christmas, and I barely have anything going on LOL.........ANY-way............

On Saturday, October 18 we packed ourselves up and headed to Rome, GA to attend the Wings Over North Georgia Air Show!

The drive up was great, we went early enough (so we thought) to get to our PREMIUM PREPAID PARKING (!) early and not miss a single event.

After an hour+ drive, we standstilled about 5 miles from the venue.  Yikes.  Twenty minutes later of no movement, Jeff u-turned and we paid to park at an American Legion and walk our little butts over a mile to the show.  Otherwise, we were never gonna get to see anything!  Planes were already zooming overhead and we missed the first hour :(

~ By the way - to those of you that don't know - Jeff hates to be late.  You can imagine the argument in the car as I delayed us leaving home about 30 minutes because I am poky.  I'm sorry honey.  I really try to do better than my natural tendencies for you.  I will continue to try. ~

We got all set up with my new shade chair (hello sunburn paranoia #FairSkinRedhead momma and baby), got some water and a slice of pizza, and settled in.

This was a really neat demonstration of two helicopters (Jeff help me out on the kind of choppers here) doing their thing, right by the audience.

There were also Skywriters - I thought that was super cool the way they could do formations and spell out words, Parachuters, a Glide plane (so majestic, I love that), the Jet Car racing a plane, a P-51 Mustang (just like Jeff flies RC), and a bunch of other aerobatic shows.

There was also plenty of time for snuggles, playing and looking around, and enjoying being outside - literally Ethan's three favorite things.  He either sat on my lap, sat on Daddy's lap, was in the Ergo while we looked at static displays and waited in line for food (the lines were also ridiculously long)...he loved it.

And, the weather was gorgeous - in the low 70's in the afternoon, no humidity, and sunny.  Baby hates to sleep in the car, but he DID catch a quick catnap in the stroller during a lull before the end of the show - and before THE US AIR FORCE THUNDERBIRDS!!

It is so, so cool to see the formations these jets fly.  I had never been to an air show until a few years ago, after joining an airline, but I am hooked.  They are so fun!  It's really incredible to see what these machines, and pilots, can do.

We had a great time................can't wait to go again soon!  We heard a rumor next year the Blue Angels will be in Peachtree City, so that will be cool to have one so close to home :).  If anyone wants to come on down next year, you can stay in our guest room!!