Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Baby Led Weaning

Now that Ethan is SIX MONTHS OLD (!), we are starting the process of introducing solids.

I want to follow the principles of Baby Led Weaning, which in general are to let baby put food in his own mouth, and everything is mushy/steamed and cut to pieces 2-3 inches long and as wide around as your thumb (or so).

We tried banana.  Too slimy - he couldn't grab it, so we made a bit smaller pieces.  He was still not impressed and I'm pretty sure didn't swallow anything.

We have tried prune juice in his bottle to facilitate a BM...he is hip to that program now and won't drink it.

We are going to try avocado next. 

We tried this apple slice - it was too slippery so I held it while he sucked on it.  That is about the only thing he has liked so far!!

For now, he seems content to to continue with nursing and bottles, and to sit up at the table in his highchair, playing with his toys.  And that is fine.

Our mantra lately is to "Let Ethan Be Ethan".  Some days that is happy, some days that is sleepy, some days that is super interactive, some days that is cuddly, some days that is alone play time, some days that is curious, some days that is very loud and babbly.  We are just trying to respect him and meet him where he is at.  Trying.

Badass Breastfeeding

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Labor Day antics

We had a fun Labor Day weekend!!!  Who doesn't like more time off with their family?!

We hosted some friends for dinner.................

we flew Daddy's RC airplane at a nature preserve, while E watched birds, had a nurse, and napped outside.................

we took naps......................

we BBQ'd again.........................

I love our family time!!