Friday, August 29, 2014

5-6 month old...

Ok, moms - when do you stop counting by weeks and start counting by months?!  Ethan is 24 weeks old, so is that 5 or 6 months old??

Anyway, here is a day in the life of Little Duck at 24 weeks old!!!
  • Daily Baby Pilates by grabbing his toes and pulling them to his mouth
  • Puts everything in his mouth, including your fingers
  • Rolls onto his back to tummy and is STUCK (even though he used to be able to roll tummy to back!!)
  • Giggles and smiles when you chomp on his fingers and toes
  • Gives open mouth slobbery kisses to mommy and daddy's cheeks and necks
  • Has become a side sleeper
  • Holy distractable nursing, Batman.  Hey, was that Daddy?!  Hey, the sun came out from under a cloud!  Hey, I think I heard air blow!  I better look!
  • Loves to stick his fingers in your mouth and grab your nose
  • Tries to move the paci and bottle nipple over to the side to chew on it
  • Fiddles with his ear when sleepy nursing
  • Loves to suck on his toes, even better if he is in jammies so he can make the fabric all wet
  • Kick, kick, kicks during bathtime and gets half the water out onto the counter and Daddy
  • Favorite songs and rhymes: Jesus Loves Me, Skinnamarinkydink, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, Daisy Daisy, All God's Critters, Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Bright Sun Comes Up, Are You Sleeping, Ethan-Ethan-Bo-Bethan, and he LOVES Pharrell Williams Happy and Iggy Azalea Fancy (I know)
  • Favorite books: The Going to Bed Book, Are You a Cow?, OhmyOhmyOh Dinosaurs, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Brown Bear Brown Bear
  • Favorite toys: Daddy, Butterfly, Squiggle (below picture), pull-apart rings, O-ball, stuffed Tigger, Mommy's blankie, baby jumper, play gym dangles

Monday, August 25, 2014

4th of July Family Vacation - Part 1

We packed up the baby and headed HOME to South Dakota for the week of 4th of July!!!!!!!!

We spent the first part of the week in Sioux Falls, seeing lots of family and friends.  We stayed with Jeff's sister's family, and had a wonderful time...we saw Ethan's aunties, uncles, cousins, and grandma and grandpa, and then Mommy's friends and their babies, and also Mommy's aunt and uncle and cousins (and girlfriends)!

Oldest cousin Nick, Grandma, and Ethan (in mommy's favorite Little Duck jammies) 
(ps - the baby literally never got put down!!)

Here's Ben!  The boys love Uncle Jeff because he plays with them like crazy!  

Auntie Jen loves baby bath time - we were more than happy to let her do it.

Grandpa and Baby - that right arm gets a firm grip on the chubby thigh!

Mommy's friend Emily, snuggling a baby that could be a twin to her own baby Max!

Little Miley (she is a Spit.Fire.) and Max

Marne, Miley, Mommy, Ethan, Max, and Emily
It was so fun to chat and watch the kiddos play - it's still hard for me to believe we are all mommies!!!!!!!!!!

This was soooo adorable - these 2 babies were cheesing at each other.  One would grin, which would make the other one grin, and on and on :)

Jeff took the boys on an adventure and found a turtle.  Because, of course they did.

Aunt Kathy was so in love immediately!!!  She would stroke his little hands - a perfect doting auntie.

Uncle Bill of course got thrown up on.  
They graciously hosted us for a dinner at the farm, with my cousins and girlfriends.  

It was so nice to catch up with everyone and introduce Ethan to so many people!  It was wild, and hectic - and this was only the first half of the trip!  We spent the 2nd half in the Hills (more to come).

All of this does make me wish we lived closer to family...and therefore we contemplate moving home every time we visit.  We need to visit when it's yucky - 20 below and snowy - because South Dakota is really wonderful in the summertime!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nursing Strike

On Sunday, Ethan fussed and cried in the late afternoon when he was hungry.  And refused to nurse.  Even though he was hungry.  

I was concerned, but it had happened once or twice before, where he just wouldn't latch and be patient enough.  And it wasn't a big deal before. So we gave him a bottle.  He nursed fine later in the evening, overnight, and in the morning.

Last night, Monday night, it happened again.  I came home from work, we played, and he showed hunger cues.  So I got ready to nurse him - like I have over 900 times before - and he SCREAMED.  Pushed.  Grabbed.  Arched.  Cried and kicked.  So we gave him a bottle.

Both times I tried to console and reintroduce nursing when he was calmer, multiple times.  Nada.

Then, during our bedtime routine, he started down this path again.  He wasn't super hungry and was acting really tired, so I decided just to put him down, and then try to feed him again when he was sleepy / asleep.  It worked.  So did all the overnight and morning feedings, again in the sleepy state.

I did a ton of reading about nursing strikes last night.  I was really, really, really upset.  Nursing has been such a struggle, but it has been such a complete joy when it is going well.  I am not ready to stop.  I can't believe he is either - babies don't wean out of the blue, this early.  

He is just growing, and changing.  Like he should - and like I should too.  

From my reading I found - 

1.  This is a temporary thing.  It is not calling into question - "Am I good mom?".  Or "Does he still love me like he used to before I went back to work?".  Or "Will I be able to do this parenting for the long haul?".

2.  We need to be patient with each other.  I've never been a nursing mommy before, and he's never been a 5-1/2 month old baby before.  We are in it together.

3.  I am not alone.  This happens to a lot of mother-baby dyads.  And we will get through it.  

4.  There are specific things I can do to try to encourage him to nurse, but ultimately, he will be loved, fed, and taken care of, and that is most important.

5.  My feelings of apprehension, inadequacy, guilt, fear, sadness are all normal.  Validating my feelings is huge.  (There is a good life-lesson for me in this one as well.)

Wish us luck today.  I'm hoping this is temporary, but we will work through it no matter what.

Monday, August 11, 2014

A little cutie for Monday


Seriously. Squishy.  Love him so much.

Taken 6/24 - almost 4 months.  
(He's so much more grown up now but I HAD TO SHARE!)

I am totally amazed watching him grow, and learning new things.  When he figures something out, he does it over and over and grunting.  He has figured out grunting this weekend LOL.  

It is going so fast.  Practicing mindfulness, and being present with him, are on my docket this week.  
(Putting the Facebook down!)

Have a great week!