Thursday, June 25, 2015

15 months old!

Little buddy is getting so big!  We think he is going through another growth spurt now as well - I guess that doesn't stop for a lot more years?!

He's been dropping the afternoon nap, so Dad's been trying to start his morning nap later - after 10AM if possible.  And sometimes it's a lot later if the boys went someplace fun, like the zoo or aquarium, with Ethan's buddy Silas.  And sometimes he still sleeps in the afternoon though, it comes and goes.

We are finally fully on  cow's milk (we use Horizon Whole Milk with DHA).  Thanks to my donor mommies for stretching out their pumping sessions to give us mommy milk.

Bedtime continues to be easy (thank goodness!) - diaper and jammies while singing "Are You Sleepy" and "My Ethan Lies Over the Ocean, bottle, a book "Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night" (he pushes all other books away), kisses and lay him in the crib.  Mealtime continues to be difficult (kid hates to eat anything other than a crunchy carb).

Ethan is still scooting instead of crawling, and his legs and arms are not very strong as a result.  Thus, no walking.  Not very much standing.  He is starting to go up on his knees a lot more to peek into the toybox, and LOVES climbing over stuff (like pillows on the ground).  His ped recommended an early intervention evaluation - just in case - so we are working on getting that scheduled.
(His nose-crinkle-smile when you say "CHEEEEEESE" or he is trying to make you laugh)

Music, especially Raffi - we listen to Pandora a lot

Anything that he can 'drive' - trucks, cars, tractors

Putting things into things.

We try not to have the TV on too much BUT those teething days are tough.  Thomas the Train and Curious George to the rescue (thank goodness for PBS Kids and Sprout).

Foods - Cheerios, saltine crackers, and cheesy poofs; Peanut butter (on crackers or toast); breakfast bars and Clif bars; sweet potato, pumpkin, or squash type foods.

Monkey during the day if he's feeling yucky or tired.  Paci, blankie, and teddy at sleepy times.

Puppies!  He gets so, so excited when he sees puppies duirng walks.

Mark and Silas - he is a little Silas groupie, and Daddy is grateful for the adult company :)

Pooping - poor kid has trouble once in awhile

Eating in general - except for the list above

Sippy cups - although that is getting better with water :)

(Enjoying a bagel and cream cheese on Father's Day)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Play Date

My friend Danielle and her little guy Ike invited us to join them at Imagine It! Children's Museum (back in February).

Ethan was not yet one and hadn't been out a ton with other kids.  Ike was definitely ready to walk and explore, while Ethan was more content to play on the ground with toys in the toddler area.  But they did have fun in the cars!

I'm totally stealing Danielle's post's photos because I didn't take any!!

Ethan really liked playing with the other babies, LOVED plunking on the piano, and played with all the toys he could.

After eating a mouthful of the touch and feel exhibit, we did discover he's still too little to play with sand.

We can't wait to go back again, and when he's a little bit older!

OK. Well.

Sheesh, I have been 'meaning' to catch up to blogging for months.  Like since Christmas.  I have these posts sitting pending in my drafts.  I'm gonna catch up on some of them here, and finish the other posts this week.

Happy 1st Birthday Hailey!

Happy 1st Birthday Finn!

Running the Hot Chocolate 5k with Amy. (We didn't do it due to the early start time and traffic.  Instead Jeff dropped us off from home 3.1 miles away, country-farmkid-style.)...we also shopped for, and FOUND, my mom's Mother Of The Bride dress, which is amazing and beautiful.  Thanks a million to Bridals by Lori for their excellent customer service (again).

My favorite crazy haired little man Ike invited Ethan to a play date at the Children's Museum.  Ike is a good walker and loved the mini car.  Ethan loved all the kids (as per usual).

Happy 35th Birthday Jeff!

Happy Baby Shower Chrissy!

The Mammengas visited for a week!

Happy 1st Birthday Ethan!

Camping at Chattahoochee Bend State Park!

Happy Easter!

Happy 1st Birthday Charlotte!

The Zoo!

Welcome to Georgia Jason and Bobbie!

SEFF, where Jeff volunteered more than he flew his plane!

Happy 1st Birthday Emma!  Our friends Kelsey and Ryan moved in just down the road and hosted their first part in their new house (which is beautiful).  The kiddos had a blast playing on the quilts in the soft spring grass.  Emma ate her cake like a champ!

Happy Birthday to ME!  We went out for dinner to Star of India - super yummy.  Then we all promptly caught a stomach bug.  I'm sure it was not related but it super sucked the life out of my birthday and Mother's Day weekend.  We had planned to go to Vogel State Park, my favorite, but canceled last minute because we were sick.  But that allowed us to go to the next party......

Happy 1st Birthday Matthew!

Happy Bridal Shower Amy!

Fayette Flyers Family Fly-in!

Lots of Play Dates!

Happy Bachelorette Amy!

Shopping, and Hot Chocolate 5k-ish

This post is a flashback to January as I'm trying to catch up...

Now that Amy's dress was completely lined up, it was time to focus on the Mother of the Bride dress.

Amy and Mom decided to come back to Atlanta - to Bridals by Lori - since we had such a stellar experience with Amy's dress shopping adventure.  The weekend ALSO coincided with the Hot Chocolate 5K, which Amy and I signed up to walk together!

It did not disappoint - they had TONS of plus-size options for Mom to try on and really get an idea of how they would look.  In addition, the store was hosting two trunk shows that day so we had even more to choose from!

After a couple hours, we finally settled on a beautiful, beaded, navy dress.  I can't wait to see how she looks in July!

We got to the car - exhausted, thrilled, and thirsty.  My car wouldn't start.  The battery died!!!  I called Jeff, who was an hour away.  Amy called AAA, who was an hour away.  We had them both come and were going to use whoever came first - they came at the same time.  La vie.  We got a jump and got home just fine.

That night, Amy and I decided we were too tired to get up at 5AM for the 5K.  Besides, we had already picked up our swag on Saturday en route to the bridal store, so we had the goodies in hand.

We decided Jeff would drive out 3.1 miles to the railroad tracks, drop us off, and we could walk/run home.  Reminded me of track back in Warner!  #countrylife

It was actually really fun to do that!  Although Ellison Road is way busier than I thought, and cars get REALLY close (I will stick to my neighborhood and gravel roads from now on).

I sported my new fitbit and got 13K+ steps that day.  And we were done by lunchtime, without having to get up so early and park downtown!  So fun!

Mom, Dad, and Amy spent the rest of the day loving up on Ethan.  He loved them right back.