Friday, May 2, 2014

Mommy Must-Haves

So now that we are almost 2 months in, I can reflect on what has been the most helpful (and the most useless) since bringing Ethan home.

Help - husband or mom or anyone!  Seriously.  How do people do it that do not have 2 or more capable adults per baby???  Not me.  Pass.  For the first 2 weeks I basically fed the baby, showered once a day, took care of my body, and shoved food in my mouth (which someone else made) while everyone else held, diapered, and changed the baby.
1 week old - Daddy taking time out for a selfie!

1 week old - Grandma Karen has the touch

2 weeks old - Grandma Gail loves to use the blankie

Nipple Shield - not sure if ya'll were aware but breastfeeding is HARD!  We had a terrible time latching, and our first night home Ethan cried and cried and cried because 1) my milk had not come in and 2) I have nothing for him to latch to.  The only way he latched in the hospital was with a lot of help from the LC's and nurses.  Luckily, Daddy saved the day and ran to Target at 8AM the next morning to get a nipple shield (recommended by an LC at the hospital as a last resort).  We eventually figured it out - and at 6 weeks old successfully weaned from the shield!  But for the first 6 weeks, I can guarantee you that even with as committed to breastfeeding as I was, without the shield I simply wouldn't have been able to do it.  No way.

Boppy - in similar vein as the shield...Peanut was so tiny I could barely hold him (or felt that way).  I have 3 Boppys now: one in the nursery, one downstairs and one in the car and/or camper.

Medela Symphony pump - A shield has been known to slowly affect supply since there is not the same amount of stimulation, so they recommend pumping after each feeding to keep your supply up.  We bought a Medela Freestyle originally, which worked great.  BUT - the LC's said the Medela Symphony is a hospital-grade pump and would be up to the task of keeping my supply going even if E wasn't able to nurse.  So we have rented the Symphony pump from the hospital and it is AMAZING compared to the Freestyle (and I thought the Freestyle was great).  I am able to completely empty my morning oversupply - anywhere from 6-10oz total - in about 15 minutes.  And, it's relatively comfortable ie, feels like a baby much more than the Freestyle.

SwaddleMe velcro swaddle wraps - Not all babies like to be swaddled but ours does!  Jeff is an expert swaddler with the blanket, and I am pretty good, but nothing keeps little arms in place like the SwaddleMe wraps.  They velcro down like a straight jacket.  Plus - it got HOT here lately and no way could baby be swaddled in blanket.  He would cook!  We have tons of cute baby blankets, including 3 homemade ones by yours truly, that just sit in his dresser drawer, waiting for next winter.
1 week old

Newborn clothes - everyone says not to buy newborn stuff but Ethan didn't wear 0-3 until just last week (6-7 weeks).  He was positively swimming in all of the clothes we had.  So Jeff had fun going to different stores and buying up anything newborn-y and cute!  He cleared out Ross and our local consignment store a few different times :)
2 weeks old in a newborn onesie is the stuff we haven't used hardly at all...

Super fancy Pack n Play - we were going to use it as a downstairs napping / changing station.  We got a changing table instead that works great because of all of the storage (we only have one small closet on the main level), and he naps wherever - usually in the swing or while being worn

Super fancy Stroller - turns out Ethan loves to be worn, and I am a big fan of the benefits of babywearing so we either do the Moby wrap or the Ergo carrier (we have 2, one for me and a 'masculine' one for daddy) when we are out and about

Urban bundle mitten thing that goes in the car seat - it's been way too warm for that business