Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Holy Productive Weekend

Remember that massive Honey-Do list? Well, we knocked it down (Jeff in particular) this weekend.

This is going to sound like a laundry list - because it is! I want to take the time to CELEBRATE all of the good work the hubby has been doing.

The nursery is PAINTED! (It looks super fab, even if the color we chose is Martha Stewart's "File Cabinet" tan from Home Depot.)

My childhood bookcase is repaired and repainted an awesome light turquioise / bright blue (covering up the lead paint that was likely on there before LOL). Apparently the shelves were in tough condition, and Jeff had to wood glue and hammer together some fixes on the trim as well.

The guest bathroom paint was touched up (had been damaged by bleach cleaner around the toilet).

The bathroom shower handles were repaired and are no longer leaking!

The kitchen paint that was dinged because I leaned my purse against it too soon after painting was touched up.

The lawn is trimmed up for fall - probably another mow is required to chop leaves but we might be about done.

My car got cleaned, vacuumed, and fully detailed inside by the hubby (it was a bit funky!).

Purchased a foot pedal switch for the fish tank room lamp (long story) and bamboo wood roman shades from Home Depot.

We ordered a crib. :)

We purchased a crib mattress, changing pad, and cover.

We started a baby registry (mostly to just keep track of what we will need to buy, and to take advantage of the discounts when we ordered the crib!).

I bought another pair of jeans and another pair of work pants from Motherhood Maternity (aye-yie-yie).

We tried out a new restaurant - Newk's in Newnan (and it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

I went to the bank, picked up my fancy shampoo and conditioner, stopped by the farmer's market for my weekly egg supply, bought birdseed (with a coupon!!), and dropped off more stuff at Goodwill.

I started a baby blanket crochet project and purchased YARN and a BOOK for a new project for Peanut.

Washed 4 loads of clothes.

We had dinner with friends and their kids (OMG, I LOVE LITTLE 3-4 YEAR OLDS! THEY ARE HILARIOUS!!!).

Took a nap!!! Ok, maybe 2.

Honestly it kind of felt good to be at work on Monday...all of that stuff made me tired (and I only did about 15% of it!).

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Anna said...

Wow, busy! LOVE Newk's!