Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Activities!

On Saturday we did one of my FAVORITE fall activities - pick your apples in North Georgia!  Ellijay - and Hwy 52 specifically - sits nestled in the foothills of the mountains and must have the perfect climate for apples.  Any further south and it's just not possible to grow them!

We again went to R&A Orchards - bypassing the madness of the other orchards (think: petting zoos, bouncy houses, milk-your-own-cow) and enjoyed the simplicity of a family farm that features apples, apple cider, some canned stuff, and a bit of other produce.  

Beautiful, eh?

We drove the almost 3 hours with traffic in the morning but had a SUPER QUICK (ha!) stop at REI...except this time we were looking for baby gear!!!

Enter...our new stroller!

Our first baby purchase was from REI (how appropriate) and it was quasi-gear because it will very necessary to take Peanut out camping, hiking, and walking on the gravel.

Anyway, after that detour we finally arrived at the orchard.  We picked Rome Beauty and Stayman Winesap, and then purchased some Galas.

We relaxed and people-watched while we shared a milk and fried pies (apple fried pie for me and chocolate pudding fried pie for Jeff).  Yes.  That's right - Fried Pie.  Mmmmm, baby likey.

We had planned to also stop by Burt's Pumpkin Farm to get some ginormous pumpkins - but by that time it was already after 4PM, we had a 2-hour drive back home, and I was pooped (of course).

And, we remembered that last year we paid a ridiculous amount for GIANT PUMPKINS (which were awesome by the way) but we are definitely trying to scale back and save some dough.  So we bypassed the patch this year.

But - Jeff has PROMISED to be my photographer next year when we can plop Peanut on huge pumpkins for photo ops.  I have no shame there...and we'll probably go to the petting zoo, bouncy house, and milk-your-own-cow our new stroller.  Next year.

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