Saturday, October 19, 2013

Honey-Do List

Our honey-do list in advance of the baby grows!  It seems like we are so busy during the week (with my new job and Jeff has been REALLY busy at work lately) we don't have mental or physical energy to tackle a lot of this, so we save it up for the weekend.  But on the WEEKENDS, I want to have FUN!  And I insist on going out and doing fun stuff instead of honey-dos.  So stuff doesn't get crossed off very fast.

AND unfortunately with my being a bit out of commission the past two weeks with sciatica, I haven't felt up to doing Jeff has been handling the brunt of it!  He is a champ though - #1 husband if you ask me. :)

Since I have a terrible memory anyway (which is NOT improved with the pregnancy), I have made a list.  Truthfully, when I put everything on a list - in one place - I got a LOT overwhelmed.

I'm hoping when my family comes for the holidays they may be able to help a bit with some of this stuff too - especially the outdoor stuff (Dad, I know you like to be busy, and you like to be's for the best!).

Here's where our list stacks up today:

Peanut's room
  • Repair and prep for painting
  • Paint walls 
  • Hang new light fixture 
  • Modify new roman shades with ribbon 
  • Prep and organize mural 
  • Paint mural
  • Hang quilt on wall 
  • Buy crib
  • Buy rocking chair
  • Shop for daybed frame
  • Shop for daybed bedding that matches our theme (click HERE for the super cute nursery stuff we got) (but we don't have the bumper, bedskirt, curtains, diaper hanger, or mobile because it's been DISCONTINUED! Blerg)

  • Purchase and lay down pine straw 
  • Redo front mailbox bed / border 
  • Trim front bushes down the hill
  • Power wash and paint the front porch and steps 
  • Cut apart fallen tree on property line 
  • Repair fence 
  • Chainsaw downed tree in back 
  • Gather and burn limbs and sticks 
  • Clean gutters 
Guest room
  • Dresser – polish and buff
  • Hartman table - polish and buff
  • Complete DIY headboard 
  • Look for side lamps 
  • Buy and Install Wood Blinds (4)
  • New office chair 
  • Artwork over desk 
  • Look for another downstairs rocking chair / glider
  • Run new network cable to upstairs bedrooms
  • Have another garage sale, including a mower, TV, night stand, dining room tabl and chairs (in addition to the other stuff that didn't sell)
  • Begin researching all baby products
  • Start baby registry
  • Crochet blanket
  • Crochet booties and hat
  • Make a Goodwill dropoff
It's a big list, but I know we have plenty of time to tackle it.  Right? Right? Right?

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Amy said...

Write out what needs to be tackled by each month... So our lil dude's room needs to be finished by march 2014. Prioritize-- this will make it less daunting! For all of us:-)