Thursday, October 3, 2013

Guess what...

..............WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After almost a year, we are so excited to announce we are expecting a baby! Our due date right now is March 2nd - I'm at 18 weeks.

 Here are the Top 3 baby-related things that have happened this summer while we were keeping it a "secret".

1. We found out RIGHT AWAY. The pregnancy test kit (2 pack) that we had in the closet came back positive on a weekend...which was like maybe 4 days after a missed cycle. Of course, being the scientists we are, we wanted independent verification. So Jeff headed out the next day - after work - and picked up another test. Or should I say tests:

2. I knew NOTHING about pregnancy. Most of my friends who have had babies live far away from me, and I have therefore not been exposed to the daily or weekly updates about what is "normal". Which truthfully, has been totally ok with me.

Any time friends HAVE started talking about pregnancy stuff in the past, my eyes glazed over so I could go to my 'happy place' because I was NOT READY for that kind of chatter myself. Turns out, I'm still not ready but it's happening to me anyway!!! Thank god for the internet (although you have to be careful) (more to come - see #3).

3. Knowing nothing about pregnancy has been good and bad. Good as in, EVERYTHINGISNEWANDEXCITING. Bad as in, HOLYSHITISTHISNORMAL. Here are all of my particular experiences...(Amy probably will have the same someday LOL...apparently these things run in families?).

 - Morning sickness was not "morning" and was not "sickness". It was "all day nausea but mostly when I started getting hungry". But no barfing.

 - Fatigue is NOT TO BE UNDERESTIMATED. I have literally never been so pooped in my entire life. Including 2-a-day summer practices for sports in high school.

 - My heart rate while exercising immediately went to 140 like, with just walking. Annoying. I wasn't even sweating or breathing hard. (My trainer has helped me with all of that. Hi Carla! You're the bomb.)

 - My once-a-day dropping kids off at the pool closed for the summer. I. Could. Not. Go. Potty.

 - Cravings were not super present. Although I have always loved bacon, it now seemed like it should go on everything. Also chips (I tried to mostly have popcorn when I wanted chips though).

 - Aversions were definitely present. I could not eat salads. Or apples. Or pretty much anything good for you in the fruits and vegetables category. Jeff bought me a Ninja smoothie maker just to try and get some of those in (it totally helped and I highly recommend it).

 - Eliminating coffee is stupid. It makes me happy and in the middle of the miserableness I needed it (still do!). I still have a cup a day - which is about 100-110mg of caffeine - and stay below the limit of 200mg per day.

I definitely have more to tell - about our first appointment, some of the drama, why we waited FOREVER to have kids, and my more recent feelings both emotional and physical. But that is for tomorrow!

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Hudson said...

Congratulations! This is very exciting, and your right not knowing what to expect makes it all the more memorable. Enjoy the time, even though it seems like forever some days, it will go by so quickly. Nothing quite like feeling your son or daughter kick in the gut and remind you you needed to go to the bathroom.