Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ups and Downs - 19 Weeks

I have been listening to Pregtastic podcast (which sadly is no longer in production) and they have a segment that I LOVE - Ups and Downs.

As someone who had NO IDEA WHAT PREGNANCY WAS REALLY LIKE, it has been super helpful to hear other women going through similar things...or things that don't apply to me at all but similarly suck or are exciting.

Anywho, as we prepare to cross into the HALFWAY POINT (eeeek) I thought I would bring you my new segment............

Ups and Downs - 19 weeks

I'll start with my Downs so I can end on a positive note:

Down - Sciatica pain.  WHOA MAMA.  I spent one night in my chair - that helped.  My chair has like anti-gravity or something - no pressure points.  I have been icing and heating.  I saw my chiro.  Yikes, I really hope it doesn't continue!  I called my massage therapist who is injured :( and she advised some stretches and foam rolling with either a roller or a tennis ball (I have both).  That is totally on the docket this week.

Down - Remember when I couldn't go potty?  Now I can't stop.  I probably have been sneaking into too much "wheat and dairy"...known trigger points for gut distress and inflammation.  Bad Jessie.  Will work on that one this week.

Up - It's a BOY!  As long as he never brings me snakes or mice to "look at", I cannot WAIT!  Boy Scouts, baseball, piano lessons, camping, swimming, starting campfires, being's going to be fun :) :)

Up - Great Georgia Airshow!  I have been feeling GREAT for the most part, and we have been going out and doing fun stuff again. So we booked some upcoming fall campground weekends, and are going to the airshow in Peachtree City.  Jeff is sooooo excited for the show...I hope the weather holds and we have a great time!

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