Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ups and Downs - 22 weeks

Wow this week went so fast!  This whole thing we call LIFE is starting to feel a bit more 'routine' (which is ok after weeks and months of craziness) - but if we've learned ANYTHING, that means it's all about to change!  So we will see what this week brings...

Ok, so here's the pregnancy ups and downs this week

UP - HUGE, HUGE, HUGE - we went CAMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I even got to hike at my favorite state park, Fort Mountain...a short, non strenuous lake loop but was hiking!!!

We decided anything to hilly, rocky, or slippery was out, so we had this beautiful leaf covered loop that we did instead :).  It still felt great - although my daypack hip strap is NOT fitting quite right LOL...I'll report more on our camping trip tomorrow.

UP - also HUGE HUGE sciatica pain is about 90% better.  I think a combination of the baby moving around more, icing, heating, FOAM ROLLING, stretching, walking, working out.......................who knows what worked, but I'm gonna keep it all up.  I really really hope it doesn't come back.

DOWN - I keep putting pants away.  It sucks.  Finding plus sized maternity wear suitable for work also sucks.  I have purchased 3 pairs of dress pants and 2 pairs of jeans now (which are seriously not that cute) - and which were all about $40-$50 each - plus now I need to get them shortened.  UGH.  (Another) unexpected expense.

DOWN - At my appointment, I weighed in (of course), and at 22 weeks I have gained 8 lbs since my first appointment / pre pregnancy.  Which I thought was really quite good, as I've been trying hard to stay a little active and eat pretty well.  But my doctor said "No More" weight am I gonna do that???  Yikes.

I've been tracking my food again (MyFitnessPal), aiming to stay at 1600 calories per day, but ending up more at 1900 calories most days.  I'm eating pretty good 'whole foods' - eggs, protein, veggies, fruits, a few snacks (popcorn, yes please).  I'm getting quite worried about the gain, because I want to be as healthy as possible this whole time, and keep all my progress somewhat in check.  But who knows.  I think what will happen will happen and I can just hope for the best.  So please send out some little thoughts of encouragement to me on that front please!

That's it for this week.  Hartmans out!

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Lauren Nikolas said...

My friend Kristina was quite overweight at the beginning of her pregnancy, mostly from having 2 other children. Shes managed to only gain about 10 lbs, and somehow she's lost weight every where else! I think that's the key, making sure your eating the right calories, packed with nutrition just for baby, so you don't pack on the lbs every where else. She does moderate exercise too, lots of walking.