Thursday, October 10, 2013

And the winner is

BOY OR GIRL??????????????????????????????????????????

It's pretty easy to tell....

We can't really tell who he looks like yet though.  He would NOT cooperate!

We are so excited!!!  And, for me, this week it's all starting to feel more...real.

I had a realization a couple days ago.  You know when you're sick and feeling crappy, you look forward to when things go back to "normal", you feel like "yourself again", you can go back to "your routine", you can have "fun again" with your spouse instead of laying around miserable?  Usually I can't WAIT for that moment when you turn the corner.

Turning the corner this time means...

When I feel "normal" - I will no longer be pregnant.

When I feel like "myself again" - I will have a baby. 

When I go back to my "routine" - I will be a mother. 

When we have fun again - there will be three of us. 

Holy shit. Everything is changing. 

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