Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ups and Downs - 21 weeks

This week's edition of the Pregnancy Ups and Downs!  I have a lot to report...

Up - Baby is moving! He is most 'awake' around lunchtime till about 2PM, then again in the evenings (haha, he takes after mom and dad!).

Up - My sister in law HOOKED ME UP! I got a glorious package with TONS of boy baby clothes for 0-3 months, and a bunch of maternity tops that I will be able to put to very good use soon :). She also sent me a couple pairs of jeans - but since she has no butt, and I (ahem) do...they didn't fit. But I will tuck them away in the closet just in case anyway!

Down - I have a crazy metallic taste in my mouth like, ALL THE TIME! So weird.

Down - we had our 2nd anatomy scan ultrasound on Thursday but Baby will STILL not cooperating. We have to go back a 3rd time - in 3 weeks - to get better pictures of his heart and spine. Apparently he was standing straight up, feet down, to the left, and facing forward - so no good photos.

Down - I have been a real bitch this week.  Jeff gave me the "you're being totally crazy" look more than once but bless his heart, has hung in there like a champ.  I'm going to try to do better this week...or at least be cognizant of when it's happening to try and cut it off at the pass.

Happy Sunday!


Marne said...

Love love love your cute bump!!!!

Anna said...

You look great!