Friday, October 25, 2013

Great Georgia Airshow

Saturday before last we went to the Great Georgia Airshow in Peachtree City. 

Jeff calls it it the Good-not-Great Georgia Airshow.  After a year hiatus to "reorganize", they were back! But not in full effect.

Because of the reorganization - and the budget cuts and furloughs - there were NO military planes or shows on display.  What a bummer, because those are truly some of the coolest parts about air shows.

But the other acts did not disappoint!

This was an 4-plane aerobatic team that did tons of passes in various formations and was really cool.

This glider plane is TINY!  I don't think I could even fit in the cockpit.  And it did some amazing stuff.  It was probably Jeff's favorite due to the majestic arcing and diving this one did over and over.  I loved the two trails it left all across the sky - very cool.

This little stunt plane was probably my favorite.  I love seeing knife edge passes and crazy stuff that I'm sure is dangerous!

The one that made jump up and about pee my pants was this guy - THE JET TRUCK.

The truck was racing the above red stunt plane.  The stunt plane was just barely off the ground, above the truck.  As they made the final pass, the JET TRUCK overtook the stunt plane and OHMYGOD A WALL OF FIRE JUST BROKE OUT ACROSS THE WAY WITH A HUMONGOUS BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

The heat flashed in front of us, and the smoke obscured the hot sun for probably 15 seconds.  Ok, ok, it was planned pyrotechnics - but I almost lost my shit as much as the 8-year-olds sitting behind us.  WHOA DUDE!


After a good four hours out in the bright fall sun, and 3 liters of water - we packed up our chairs and headed home.  A super fun day!

PS - Four hours of afternoon sun in October sans sunscreen will still give you a KILLER sunburn.  (This note is for Jeff for next year!)

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