Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vegas, baby!!!

We made it to the bright lights and hot desert known as Sin City!

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend! I think in the course of about 3 days we did just about everything you can in Vegas. Except go on the Dam Tour. And hire a hooker. But other than THAT, we checked all of these boxes:

4 hour mechanical delay on departure - akkk, we couldn't wait to get going!
S-WEET hotel room (notice the bed is in a separate room)

Swimming at the pool
Dinner at the hotel - Jeff had awesome chicken parmesan and I had steak oscar...better than SD's
And an early night (hey, it's a 3-hour time difference, give us a break!)

A HUGE breakfast buffet at the restaurant
Hibuscus Island Treatment at the spa - including a full body scrub and 50-minute Swedish Massage!
Pool time, and first beachy drink of the vaca (*note, I am pasty and remain pasty. Thank you, sunblock, floppy hats, and umbrellas.)

Then getting ready for our show!
A free Buffet dinner (at the Wynn) as a thank-you for coming to the show
Then, the most magical live performance I have ever seen...Garth Brooks at the Encore Theater in a baseball cap and hoodie, just him and a guitar

Rode an elevator with a bona fide pimp, high class call girl, and 2 johns
Walked the strip in daylight
Saved money where we could (at a Chiptole)

Found a fish tank at the Mirage

Poked around the shopping at the Bellagio and marvelled at the shoes and handbags
More Pool time at our hotel! And then we got kicked out of the pool by the hotel staff...hehehe
Walked the desert death march in 110 degree heat to New York New York
Experienced Zumanity, the sensual side of Cirque de Soleil

Waved at Studio 54 at the MGM Grand (yeah right, like we could ever get in)
Visited M&M World
Carried an open container of margarita wonderfulness 2 miles
Pulled the handle on slots at Planet Hollywood and won $66
Promptly lost $66
And then lost some more.
Had some more drinks
Stumbled back to the hotel

Early morning to the airport to wait. And wait. And wait. I finally got on a plane for the 4 hour flight around 4pm...Jeff on the other hand ended up on the red-eye at 11:30PM and arrived Monday morning at 7AM in Atlanta. Was the wait worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

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