Sunday, June 20, 2010

Iron Man 2

Jeff and I decided to beat the heat today (it was 97 with a Heat Index of 105) and head to see Iron Man 2 in the movie theater. (Highly recommended by the way.)

Going to movies is a very special treat for us. The last movie we went to was Twilight: New Moon last summer, and before that...who knows! It's just hard to justify spending $16 for a matinee plus $30 in snacks for the two of us. So we usually wait and watch flicks at home.

So when we go, we SPLURGE! We got the BIG popcorn and pop...but we did not splurge as much as the little craps that were ahead of us in line. Seriously, these 2 ten year olds spent about $40 on candy and pop. Who sends their kid to the movies with that much cash?? 'Oh here you go, Junior, it's a $50. Try not to spend it all in one place.' I can hear it now...maybe that dad just needed some time off from the kids.

On that note - I am lonesome for my family even though I saw them last weekend. So Happy Father's Day, Dad!!!! I love you so much and am glad you are having a good time in the Black Hills. I wish I could be there with you!

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