Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Breakfast for dinner

One of my favorite meals is breakfast-at-dinner. (and cheesy dogs. but that's beside the point.)

So to celebrate my 12 lb weight loss since my last doctor visit (I went to the asthma doc today for my 6 month check up), I whipped up some Egg Beater omelets with ham and cheese, a batch of banana nut muffins, and OJ.

YUM! I tried to limit myself to 2 muffins, but snuck in a 3rd late tonight. Good thing it was after I weighed in. I hate when I get the 9PM munchies...usually I can say no, but not tonight :(

What is your favorite breakfast-at-dinner meal?


Anna said...

All of them but some of the best of the best are breakfast pizza, waffles and french toast on big crusty bread.

BTW, headed to the airport in about an hour to make my way toward you. I'll be at the ATL Renaissance Concourse Airport Hotel for ADPi Leadership Seminar but didn't give you a heads up because I'm not sure how much (if any)free time I'll have. If things change I'll let you know (not that I expect you to drop everything at my VERY last minute beck and call.)

Jessica said...

That hotel is literally STEPS from my office building...but I have plans starting tomorrow (see next post)! BUMMER

Amy said...

spinach, egg, feta cheese, and kalamata olives.
wash it down with some vino, delicious!