Wednesday, June 2, 2010

South Dakota Visitors

No, we do not have pheasants visiting. Or prairie dogs. Or coyotes.

It's the In-Laws!!! After a long drive on Tuesday through rain and hail, Allen and Gail made it from Sioux Falls to Omaha to try their luck at flying to Atlanta on Wednesday morning.

Well, turns out all that weather on Tuesday bumped a lot of people around for flights on Wednesday. That, combined with many overbooks and re-routes through Atlanta (instead of Salt Lake or Memphis as originally scheduled) led to a LOT of waiting at the airport for an open seat.

Poor souls - they awoke at 3:30AM on Wednesday morning to leave at 5:00AM for a 6:30AM flight. Guess what time they actually left Omaha...6:00PM. Then they encountered thunderclouds on the way down so the actual arrival to get their bags was about 10:30PM. Oh wait. No bags (of course). We'll pick those up tomorrow I guess.

The good news is - they're here!!! More on our antics coming up throughout the next few days...they are staying until Wednesday next week.

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