Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting ready

What is your favorite thing to do in Las Vegas? Where are the cheap places to eat (and drink)? Which show would you see (CHER? Lion King? Jubilee? Peepshow? Hoover Dam?)?

Tonight we are planning the rest of our days in far we have only one evening planned out (for Garth Brooks of course) out of 2 full days and an additional half day!!!

Jeff has mentioned he would like to see a show of an "adult" nature...but that is likely one show I would not want to skimp on. You know. Just in case it is seedy.

(Almost) Bon Voyage!


hjochim said...

I haven't been to Vegas but think if I were splurging on an "adult" show, I would go see Holly Madison's Peep Show. (I love her though).

Have a great time in Vegas. Have someone bring you 2 pina coladas. One for each hand!

Amy said...

Drink in your hotel room to cut costs (I know I am not a college student anymore but I cannot bring myself to spend $11 on a mojito, when I know very well I could have made one if the comfort of my own bathroom).

What about Celine Dion's show? Did you NOT steal my Celion Dion CD circa 1996?