Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More travel

Well, Jeff's parents did not even bother to go the airport on Wednesday due to full flights. Then on Thursday we awoke at 5am to trek to see if we could get them on a 8:20AM flight. No deal...and after waiting through 4 flights on Thursday (we didn't even bother with the last 2 of the day) we brought them home again!

On Friday, Jeff, me, and his mom and dad ALL headed to the airport. This time, I was off to Chicago in the morning, and Jeff stayed with his folks. Luckily, his mom got on the first flight of the morning at 8:20AM. However, he pushed that wheelchair from gate to gate and concourse to concourse the rest of the day, waiting for an available seat. He finally got on at 9:45PM - what a long and exhausting day!!!

I got them rooms at the WONDERFUL Holiday Inn Downtown Omaha for Friday night, and on Saturday morning they packed up their car and headed home. Gail was napping in her chair by 2pm!!!!

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