Friday, June 4, 2010

The Georgia Aquarium

On Friday, I took the day off (YAY!) and we got started bright and early at 9:15AM when we left home to go to the Georgia Aquarium.

Jeff was seriously soooo excited. I mean, we all were, but he was especially so, I think maybe because he could see the manifestation of his little 58 gallon fish tank in a Super Sized version.

The Georgia Aquarium has several different exhibits that you can visit. The show stopper is the GIANT Ocean Voyager exhibit. This one is home to 2 whale sharks, which is the only place outside of Japan where you can see them in captivity. We even made it in time to see the 10:30AM feeding, which was awesome. They open their mouths and swallow tons of water, just to get a tiny amount of food to go through their throat which is really small. There were also many cool schools of fish, and it was explained that the only way the 'other' sharks (they had lots) in this tank did not eat the smaller fish was that they were all well fed!

We also really liked to see the Ocean Diver exhibit - which really was like Jeff's tank but bigger, and the big discus display in River Scout.

The only downside was even though we went on a Friday, it was still pretty crowded by noon. My advice is go early, and on a weekday! Oh, and watch out for misbehaving giant groups of kids that yell all the time - it can get quite noisy. Overall, we had a great time!

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Anna said...

You guys should consider going to MACNA (Marine Aquarium blah, blah, blah) this September if you can swing a few days off. It's in Orlando this year and is Labor Day weekend. We are going, and by 'we' I mean Jed and his dad, I'll be at SeaWorld and by the pool. I know my aquarium enthusiast is SUPER excited. Cheaper tickets are on sale until June 15th. Talk to Jed for more info.