Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tech Gear - guest post

Why I love synthetic "high tech" clothing.

by Jeff

I have to admit, I'm a high tech clothing junkie. When you are bigger, there is nothing worse then having your clothes feel like they weigh you down or stick into your cracks. High tech clothing does a great job at preventing both.

They are light and dry fast, so they never end up holding much sweat. They are also slippery, so they don't tend to bunch and get stuck different places. I love how they actually keep you cool. It takes like five minutes and my workout clothes are dry once I done sweating. I feel cool and ready to go again.

I remember before when I did BFL (Body For Life)...I was using anything I could find to work out in. I didn't have many work clothes let alone any "workout" clothes. I remember feeling pretty gross and super sweaty in those things...they end up weighting five pounds by the time you are done. When I was done today with cardio...all I noticed was how sweaty my arms were...nothing about my clothes.

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