Thursday, June 3, 2010

Delta Heritage Museum

Today, Jeff and I took his parents to see the awesome - and cheap ($5) - Delta Air Heritage Museum.

Highlights include:

- A replica of the first Delta hangar in Monroe, LA
- The Spirit of Delta, a plane which employees bought for the company for $30M in 1982 and was retired in 2006 and turned into a museum inside
- A restored DC-3 that was the first one in service for the airline
- The History of the Red Tail - bye bye Northwest! :(
- Lots of artifacts, placards, and stories about the history of the airline

We had a LOT of fun but man was it HOTT! The 2 hangars in which all of the museum is housed in are totally un-airconditioned (with the exception of the inside of the Spirit of Delta and the Museum Store).

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