Thursday, February 3, 2011

On the road

February is turning out to be a busy one already for travel. Three
days in, three trips.

Tuesday was our semi-annual leadership meeting. I really like hearing
the coming year's goals and objectives straight from our executives'
mouths. For me, working hard to ultimately serve our customers is
really inspiring; when you are in the middle of the daily grind you
can definitely lose sight of the bigger picture. And, thank you to
everyone who traveled by airplane in 2010!!! My job security - and
80,000 other middle class employees at my company - depend on it.

Wednesday was a super fast trip to Raleigh - leaving 40 degree weather
in ATL and landing in 68 degrees felt pretty good.

Today's adventure takes me to Newport News, VA. And I forgot my coat.
It will be a chilly 37 when I land...oops. I guess I am turning
"southern" faster than I thought.

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