Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day

WOO HOO! 3-day weekend and I'm not in the snow and cold!!!

My personal thanks to Mother Nature, over the counter Claritin, and Merck (makers of Singulair).

The last few days, especially Saturday, were BEAUTIFUL! We got so much yard work done - I haven't been this sore, consistently, for a really long time. Lawn mowed and mulched, 3 buckets of magnolia seed pods picked up by hand, all beds cleaned out and trimmed up, all the leaves blown and 4 hours of burning them up, picking up sticks like crazy in the backyard, re-positioning my meandering paths...I could go on!!!

Oh, and we got some new fish - 2 melanarus wrasses, a yellow tang, a flame angel, and a carpenter's fairy wrasse. They are awesome.

Oh, and we finished a puzzle. YIPPEE

Keep 'em coming - 75 and sunny with no humidity!!!!!!!!

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Jennifer said...

Reading this totally makes me sad that we didn't come down. :~( I am so ready for nice weather!