Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Being Difficult is Good

Sometimes, being difficult just to be difficult is just annoying, especially to those trying to work 'with' the difficult one. But most other times, there are really good reasons to be difficult, and the end results can be amazing.

My Top 5 reasons why Being Difficult is a Good Thing

1. Being difficult means you're engaged. Pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo are 2 ways real change can be introduced to a stagnant process. So hold your ground when everyone says 'ok' and you don't agree.

2. Intelligence can be perceived as being difficult. Sometimes, the Betty Boop voice and engaging smile (if I do say so myself) can throw people off. They sometimes expect me to be a pushover or leadership challenged. Then, a great idea comes out or a complex sentence with 'big words' is said, and all of a sudden, the former pushover is now difficult. Don't let other people's perceptions get in the way of your intelligence.

3. Birds of a feather shouldn't always flock together. Diverse groups make the world go 'round - so seek out people outside yourself and your world view. Or move 2000 miles away. I guarantee someone will think you're difficult, and you will think they are difficult as well at first. But it forces you to grow.

4. Coaching and feedback will be your friend. Opportunities to mentor others, and to be coached, will come eventually when people realize your difficulty comes simply from having a different viewpoint.

5. Know when to say when. Here's for those people out there who are hard to be around. News flash: if you're friends get quiet all of a sudden - really often - or if eyerolls are a regular thing...maybe you're just being a pain in the ass. Knock it off, and use your natural tendencies in a good way. Don't abuse it.

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Amy said...

wonderful. i thought you wrote this until i read the last one. I also would like to add "Be Genuine" because in the end you are only doing a disservice to yourself when you keep your mouth shut and you really should have spoken up.

Jessica said...

I DID write this :) but the inspiration came from that article. Be Genuine is a perfect #6