Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Wishes

A very Merry Birthday to my hubby of six years!!!

We had a great time yesterday - I took the day off and just relaxed with Jeff. First, we had to take care of some official business. In Georgia, your birthday is the due date to re-tag and title your car...and we forgot to do it until THE birthday. So Jeff spent the morning at the DMV. Which worked out great, because I got allergy shots, a birthday present and card, and a Target trip done! (Ok, maybe that's sort of a lame start to a birthday, but it worked.)

We both came home, I gave Jeff his gift (free and clear spending money - what could a couple really give each other that's better?), then he got a delivery of fish stuff and played with that. Next was late lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Hacienda, a run to Dillards to buy a wallet with his birthday cash, and a stop by a fish store.

We wrapped up the day at home, playing with a new puzzle, tweaking the fish tank, and watching a movie snuggled on the sofa.

I think he would say - 31 is great so far!!!

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great day! I am glad that he had a wonderful birthday we had so much fun spending it with him last year hopefully we will be able to do that again sometime soon!