Saturday, February 6, 2010

Epic Road Trip - SD

12:30 PM - We just started our epic road trip across 8 states, from
Warner, SD to Atlanta, GA. It has been snowing all night and morning,
so the sooner we get south, the better.

1:40 PM - Taking a piece of SD with us...just hit a pheasant hen. No
damage to the headlight other than a few stuck feathers.

2:45 PM - Stopped at the Cenex in Watertown to stock up on Dakota
Style Dill Pickle and Honey Mustard chips. And water.

3:27 PM - By the Estelline exit, we dialed up OnStar to get XM Radio
ordered in the vehicle. We are activated!

4:45 PM - stopped in Sioux Falls to pick up more stuff and eat dinner
with Jeff's parents

5:55 PM - Jeff is being indoctrinated into A Prairie Home Companion (I
love Garrison Keillor)

6:23 PM - Leaving the motherland and entering Iowa. It's raining, 27
degrees, dark, and slushie. South Dakota's not giving us up without a

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