Saturday, February 6, 2010

Epic Road Trip - MO

9:20 PM - Blue Collar comedy on XM Radio is making fun of southerners
stocking up food for the snowstorm. Like when you are snowed in for a
day based on a half inch of snow and you go to the store for food and
all that's left is hot dog buns. So you buy them. Just in case.
And...I just missed the Missouri Welcome Center.

9:29 PM - why do Missouri taxpayers agree to spend their money on mile
markers that show up every 0.2 miles on I-29? Weird.

9:48 PM - Just heard "Only Love" by Wynonna for the 2nd time today. Classic.

9:52 PM - Jeff is "singing" Free Your Mind by En Vogue. Awesome. Even
breaking it down. More awesome.

A few minutes later...head bobbing is giving us a little it's Bone Thugz N Harmony...see you at the

10:49 PM - and we're spent. 545 miles later we are checking into our
hotel. Stay tuned tomorrow for more exciting updates.

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