Sunday, February 7, 2010

Epic Road Trip - TN

6:19 PM - time change (we think). Sign to Nashville, 43 miles. I get a
little tickle and pretty excited about our upcoming throughpoint.
Music city!

6:24 PM - at some point during my nap we stopped seeing snow in the
ditches. Welcome to the south!

6:25 PM - While admiring above mentioned spring-y weather, we hit the
biggest, juiciest bug ever. Animals in our path, 0; Impala, 2.

6:29 - Debating on if or where we should stop in Nashville since I'm
so excited. Determined we will not stop since we didn't stop for St
Louis arch either (which we drove right by and I forgot to tell you
about since I was the one driving). Oh well, I probably would not
have seen Taylor anyway.

9:03 PM - Somewhere on I-24 between Nashville and Chattanooga. We
just passed our 206th weigh station, 32nd truck-only parking lot with
trucks for sale, and 49th rest area. The only ones out tonight are us
and the truckers. 10-4 good buddy.

9:22 PM - Barely skirting Alabama. Didn't make it across the line though!

9:39 PM - Made it to Chattanooga and the road signs finally say
"Atlanta" when pointing towards a freeway.

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