Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another trip...more weather

Well, I was supposed to be home by 3:30pm on Friday from my trip to
Charleston, SC. However, thanks to the 2" of snow and freezing rain
conditions sweeping across the Southeast, I am still here in
Charleston. My new flight is for 1:55pm today (Saturday) but I am not
completely convinced it will go out on time, or at all. I am being
pessimistic based on the in-laws not making it earlier this week,
zillions of flights were cancelled yesterday and my resched flight was
ultimately cancelled after 2 hrs of waiting, and now I am not home for
the Valentines Day 3-day weekend (can I have an extra weekend day at
some point later this month?).

The good news is 4-fold: I actually got to use the extra pair of clean
underwear that I always bring along; I did a mile on the bike, a
half-mile on the treadmill, and a quarter-mile on the elliptical in
the fab gym at the hotel; with my stay last night I *think* I am now a
gold SPG member; and I am fairly certain my mom and dad are en route
to Phoenix/Scottsdale, even with the weather.

So, hello to my friends in warm places - Karen and Randy in
Scottsdale, Angie in Phoenix, and Marne in Las Vegas. Be glad you did
not come this way to snowy, untravellable South!

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Marne said...

Sorry about all the crappy weather that has impacted your plans. Warmer days will be seen soon! The countdown to Spring is ON!

P.S. the word on the street (via the flawless forecast from the Farmer's Almanac) is that SD is going to get 70" of snow in March! I hope they are wrong! Miss you!