Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Double Mc-WHA?

Shaun White. WOW. Did you guys watch him last night? We stayed up till almost midnight watching the half-pipe at the Vancouver Olympics and I am a-mazed at the height he got on his first jump thingy (backside air).

And then a Double McTwist 1260 on the second run, even after he already had gold locked in. (I had to look up these names). All I know was it was crazy. And then he landed on his feet.

I think it is SO AWESOME that an athlete chooses to show the world their absolute best - even when they don't have to - for instance, like when the gold medal was already won. Thank you, Shaun, for raising the bar!

Watch it here, NOW!

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hjochim said...

AMEN sista. I love the olympics and he seems like a class act. He's always grateful and fun loving.