Sunday, February 7, 2010

Epic Road Trip - GA

10:05 PM - Welcome to Georgia! Home of the most terrible drivers on
the planet.

10:20 PM - When Jeff gets tired, he wants to listen to loud music.
When I get tired, I get annoyed by listening to loud music. This is a
match made in heaven. (We are just starting to get testy at each

10:31 - So you would think crossing 8 states there would be an
appreciable difference in temperature. But last night in the snowy
sleet in SD it was 27 degrees, and tonight in north Georgia it is only
35 degrees.

11:37 PM - I see the lights of Atlanta and am struggling to stay
awake. Another 20 minutes and I will be in my own bed. We're spent
after 1,398 miles.

Peace out, readers! Thanks for coming along on the trip with us!!!

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Anna said...

What a trip... I've made (almost) that same one several times. I think we split off ways some where in northern AL, where you most definitely need a passport. I was chilly in Hotlanta this weekend. Glad you made it back safe!