Saturday, February 7, 2009

We are back!

Jeff and I woke up bright and early (read: 3am) on Wednesday morning to take off for Atlanta. After arriving around 9am EST, we got our rental car and checked into the hotel. We met up with our realtor in Atlanta and spent the rest of the day driving around areas and checking out houses at various price points.

On Thursday, I had a leadership meeting all day, but Jeff spent the day exploring on his own and came up with some good observations to rule different areas in or out.

We have settled on either something along the I-85 corridor, southwest of the airport, or something along Camp Creek Pkwy, west of the airport.

Now all we need is an offer on the house!

Speaking of, we have 2 showings today and 1 tomorrow, as well as one yesterday But we didn't have ANY on Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday (BOO). We're keeping our fingers crossed.

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