Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhogs Day

I am certain I do not know the official results from the groundhog-seeing-shadow myth, but I can tell you my prediction: Minnesota will be freaking cold until the end of April, and just plain cold until the 2nd week of May.

It's true, we will come back in 4 months and evaluate, but I know I'm right.

Not much success at the open house - one couple stopped by but were not very serious (surprise, surprise). We got a call this morning for another showing tonight at 5:30 so we will go out to supper as our 'hour out of the house'.

BTW, I really thought Arizona was going to pull it off last night. Poor Larry Fitzgerald Jr...if the Steelers had not driven down the field like they did, he would have been remembered as the Super Bowl XLII Hero, but now people will barely remember who played and lost.

That's the thing about losing (and winning)...even if you did a great job, you still LOST. And if you did an ok job, but WON, heck, you're a superstar.

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