Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Shoes!

Here is what I will never pay full price on:

Clothes at department stores (Macy's, Lane Bryant, etc)
Tennis shoes
Work shoes
Name brand packaged snacks

Why? Because you shop and buy ONLY when they are on sale! That being said, I purchased these shoes today for $59.97, discounted from $99.99 (that is a $40 difference!)

What a great deal, huh? Ok, I know they are a little loud, but they were the second to last pair of 9-1/2s that the store had in stock. We even called to another sports store down the road to see if they had the kind I REALLY wanted (Asics GT-2130) but were told they were sold out there as well.

It's amazing how quickly my old shoes broke down. I bought them about 6 months ago, and comparing to the shoes I bought today, there is a huge difference in cushion and support.

So, moral of the story today - REPLACE YOUR SHOES EVERY 6 MONTHS IF YOU WEAR THEM REGULARLY OR WORK OUT IN THEM! But only if they're on sale.

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