Friday, February 20, 2009

Back from unplugged week

What? No new posts since V-Day? No, Jeff did not poison me with the spaghetti (it was delish). And, I did receive a box of chocolates on Feb 15th.

Yes, I have indeedy been disconnected totally from the INTERNET for a whole week, Monday till Friday night. It's hard to believe I survived! No email, facebook,, ....

But I did. I was traveling M-T-W in New Orleans, W night in MN, Th-Fri in Atlanta, and am home now. A little later than planned - we had to circle MSP for an hour waiting for the runways to be continuously cleared of snow. But I made it! And Jeff was nice enough to surprise me by picking me up instead of me having to stand in the cold and clear the car off of snow. Too bad he had to wait for an hour, but he's wonderful that way.

Now, I am in my jammy pants and t-shirt with 2 kitties giving me lots of love and meows. We are all heading downstairs to watch the latest BSG!! I will talk to you all tomorrow.

In case you forget, much love, blogosphere.

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