Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hate to judge, BUT...

Why is it a good idea to have 14 kids when you are unemployed, with no income stream (because, if she had won the lottery and THEN had kids, it would have been better. Honestly).

I just don't get it. The government shouldn't HAVE to take care of you after you make poor decisions, but now that it's done, I guess we will. UGH.

BTW, I have traveled to Atlanta for some portion of each of the last 4 weeks. I am tired. And I am sure whooping it up did not help the tiredness (but it did help my soul!). And on the docket NEXT WEEK - the Big Easy (again). And this time it's for work!

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Anna said...

Here's what I don't get... As far as I am aware, one can only have that many children at once by IVF (or some similar procedure). So how was she able to afford infertility treatments and IVF (and potentially sperm?) but doesn't have a source of income and is therefore living on welfare!?!