Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy B-Day Honey

It's Jeff's Birthday today!!! The big 2-9... (if anyone's counting. I am. It seems easier to accept ME getting older if he goes through the number first.).

I took the day off of work to spend a nice relaxing day at home with him - which included sleeping in, me going to the doctor, hanging out, birthday cheesecake, a nap, some internet time, and a phone call from Warren, our realtor...

We got an offer! It took several rounds of countering back and forth but we finally settled on a number - and no it wasn't as much as we wanted, but in this market I think we could do a lot worse (or end up waiting a long time and having to rent down south as well as pay our mortgage here).

So instead of yummy homemade tacos and shells tonight for dinner, we had Chinese food. Lucky Jeff will get his birthday dinner tomorrow, extending the celebration to 2 days!

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