Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rock Band

Here is the crappy part about having your house up for sale.

(In addition to the implications that you are totally uprooting your life and family.)

(And the fact that tomorrow we are dropping our price $10K, which means there goes ten thousand dollars down the toilet, literally.)

We have to keep our Rock Band 2 gear stowed away.

I know, I know, it probably seems trivial, but I am in some SERIOUS need of de-stressing via guitar slashing and maybe even clinking together my drumsticks. And we won't do it - because it takes a long time to set up and take down, and OMG, what if we have a showing and they only give us 30 minutes to prep....etc, etc.

So thank you, house-selling gods, for ONE MORE THING for me to be grumpy about.

I guess it will make it all the more sweet when I am finally able to pull out that plastic drum set and NAIL IT!!!!

As a side note, did I mention the New Orleans visit is ONLY ONE WEEK prior to Fat Tuesday? Should be fun. I mean, ahem...educational / great experience (it's for work).

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