Friday, February 28, 2014

End of Pregnancy Randomness

My only pair of shoes left that fit are size 10.5 lace up gray tennies. Um, not work appropriate but it's what it's gonna be.

I hate pants. They are all too tight in the lower belly and legs. But I can't wear dresses anymore because of the aforementioned gray tennies (well my flats technically fit but allow my feet to swell up like CRAZY). PS - Maternity yoga pants are ok but not for work!

I never realized that pooping normally was such a luxury.

The nice(?) part about being fat, then losing weight, and then getting new stretch marks...

At this point, is 2 cups of caffeine really that big of a deal? I think not. COFFEE IS MINE.

I'm bummed that soon I will not have an excuse to eat Dairy Queen, which was strictly VERBOTEN pre-pregnancy.

I have hated pineapple FOREVER. It's too acidic and makes my tongue and throat hurt. However this week (week 39) I can seriously not get enough of the little fruit cup with juice plus 4oz 2% cottage cheese, eaten every other bite. Weird, right?

I have never been so impatient in my life. I keep reminding myself not to wish time away. It's hard.

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