Monday, February 24, 2014


Is it considered "nesting" if I can't wait for my housecleaners to come again?

They cleaned last week on Wednesday, and are coming again this week on Wednesday...and I'm freaking out about every speck of dust they missed last time, and the floor being slightly dirty, and the bathrooms needing to be cleaned again...

Now mind you, I'M not the one who is going to clean - but I can't wait for them to come again!

Other things "hanging over my head" that I am being a bit ridiculous about:

I am doing a zillion tiny loads of laundry because I don't want any dirty clothes in the baskets. Also, I have like 3 pairs of pants and 5 tops that fit (for work). Must wash often.

I have reorganized the clothes drawers in Peanut's room about 4 times. Now things are sorted by size though (newborn vs 0-3 vs 3 months vs beyond).

I drank spoiled milk the other day and didn't realize it until a quarter glass taste buds have been 'off' so I just figured that was it. I made Jeff smell it and he about gagged. Oops. So then we both completely threw stuff out of the fridge (when we lost power during the ice storm things got a bit warm and spoiled faster than expected).

I have made about 12 different lists of stuff to do before I go into labor. One of which included "paint toenails". Also, "pack snacks for hospital bag". (Really?)

I am paying my bills on an every-other-day basis. My usual schedule is once every 2 weeks.

The bird feeders are getting refilled at about 3/4 empty. Usually they go empty for a day or two before I notice.

I purchased almost $300 worth of groceries this weekend so I would "have stuff on hand"... all of this nesting? Or is it just me being SUPER TYPE A to be as prepared as possible???  WHO KNOWS!

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