Monday, February 17, 2014

37 weeks - Ups and Downs

We are ready.  As ready as we're going to be, I think anyways!

Got the hospital bag packed, got the nursery done, got teensy little clothes washed and put we are just WAITING!

Up - He finally has moved (down, I think) and OFF MY SCIATIC NERVE on the left side!!!  Huzzah!!!  I still waddle a gimp but a lot faster and with a lot less grimacing than a week ago.

Down - I am not sleeping more than 1-2 hours (average is 1.5 like clockwork).  I can only lay in bed about 3 hours before my hips ache so bad, I can't flip over without assistance, and I have to move to my favorite recliner chair.  I'm afraid I'm gonna bust my chair before this thing is all over!  It's been creaking a LOT this week (so have I actually).

Up - The weather allowed for 2 snow days - which were work from home days - and I'm so grateful that I got to wear comfy pants and work from my aforementioned comfy chair.  (Sensing a theme???)  And then this weekend it was BEAUTIFUL!  I feel lucky to live in a place with such a great climate 90% of the time.

Down - Swelling holy mama.  I have been used to feet and ankles swelling when it's hot, after flying, after a lot of walking, surprises there.  Swollen feet are not unfamiliar to me.  But I have NEVER had swelling in my feet and ankles like this.  The skin is so tight it hurts!  And none of my dang shoes fit.  My toes literally hit the inside of all of my shoes.  And my hands are perma-swollen.  And I swear, it's either my face being fatter or something but I can see "poufs" under my eyes when I look down that never used to be there (maybe it's the non-sleeping?).  Oh well.  These are inconvenient but not painful, so I can't ask for more.  And, my blood pressure is still really low so I guess this will just be!

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