Saturday, February 15, 2014

Peanut's Nursery

Without further ado - Peanut's nursery!  Jeff stood in the middle of the room to take the photos and kind of turned in a circle, so you can see everything in there.

The only thing left is to put some curtains over the shades, but other than that - I think we're done!

We have actually been this close to done for a really long time.  We ordered the bedding and furniture ages ago, and Jeff has been a rock star at putting everything together to accommodate my Type A personality.

We have a drawer for footed jammies, a drawer for sleep sacks and onesies, a drawer for outfits, another drawer for bedding, and a drawer for blankies and burp cloths.

We got the diaper genie put together and have one (!) box of diapers.  

We also kept the twin bed in the nursery, for guests and also exhausted parents :)

OK PEANUT - WE'RE READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU CAN COME OUT ANY DAY!!!!!


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